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  Name Designation Tel. No. E-Mail
1 Prof. Arvind Kumar Bhatt Dean, Planning & Teachers Matters 0177-2830499 deanplanning@ymail.com
2 Sh. Labh Chand Sharma Sr. PS to Dean (Planning)
3 Sh. Raman Kuthiala Section Officer 0177-2830499
4 Monika Singh Clerk
5 Sh. Sanjeev Bhandari Peon
Functions of Planning & Development Section
  1. Preparation of five year plan.
  2. Preparation of State Annual plan
  3. Finalization of plan proposal of the teaching Department/ Construction/ University.
  4. To get allocated funds under the plan Budget by the Academic and Planning Board of the University.
  5. All matters concerning UGC and State Plan Grants.
  6. Implementation of the plan schemes approved by the UGC
  7. Monitoring the progress of various schemes approved by the  Commission
  8. To ensure timely implementation and completion of the approved programme under the plan
  9. To hold the meeting of the academic and Planning Board for allocation of the UFC/State plan grant
  10. To hold the meeting of the Unassigned Grant committee for allocation of fund
  11. To get allocated the unassigned grant to teacher for National Travel and International Travel, Seminar/symposia etc.
  12. All matters concerning financial assistance for establishment of project/proposal of the teacher correspondence thereof with UGC/ State Government of India etc.
Total Allocation from UGC for 11th Plan:
Sr. No. Financial Year Grant/Amount Received Letter No. Date Remarks
1 2007-2008 40,50,000/- 39-1/2007(SU-I) 09-06-2007 Development Assistance
2 2008-2009 40,50,000/- 39-1/2007(SU-I) 31-03-2008 Development Assistance
3 2008-2009 2,43,00000/- 39-1/2007(SU-I) 22-12-2008 Development Assistance
4 2009-2010 1,82,25,000/- 39-1/2007(SU-I) 11-08-2009 Development Assistance
5 2007-2008 76,25,000/- 39-2/2007(SU-I) 12-11-2010 Grant Received from Merged Scheme
6 2010-2011 1,37,75,000/- 39-2/2007(SU-I) 12-11-2010 Grant Received from Merged Scheme
7 2011-2012 1,00,000,00/- Approved & 90,000,00/- Released 39-7/2010(SU-1) 21-02-2011 Additional Grant
  1. Proforma for Seeking Financial Assistance by the Teachers Under the Head " Travel Grant"
  2. Plan Formulation for UGC-Inclusive and Qualitative Expansion of Higher Education: 12th FYP (2012-17)
  3. Proforma for Soliciting XII Plan Requirements of the University (.doc format)
  4. H P University Vision Document 2020: Swarana Drishti Jyanti
  5. Early Career Academic Grants of Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) as part of the Centenary Celebration of ACU
Useful Links
  1. University Grants Comissions (UGC)
  2. Consortium for Educational Communication (CEC)
  3. All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)
  4. Distance Education Council (DEC)
  5. Ministry of Higher Education (HRD), GoI
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