Office of Dean Student's Welfare

Dean Students' Welfare : Prof. Kamal Jeet Singh

Office of Dean Students’ Welfare functions as a nodal centre to promote cooperation and fellowship among students on campus. it is actively involved in coordinating activities for the welfare of students. Taking into account their difficulties andUniversity Cafeteriasocio-economic  diversities against their cultural relativism, it provides them facilities to articulate their creativity and aspirations. It aims at social harmony and campus peace. The students are encouraged to give expression to their talents to enrich our social fabric and improve campus life besides pursuing their academic targets. This aims at shaping students into social assets, making them complete citizens along side their academic accomplishments. 

He/she will make arrangements for the residence, messing, supervision and discipline of students residing in the University Hostels. He/she supervise and approve boarding and lodging arrangements of the students living outside the campus and supervise co-curricular and cultural activities of the students in the University Campus at Shimla.  He/she works in collaboration with the Director of Physical Education and Youth Programmes, in respect of the Physical Welfare and NCC, NSC, NSO and other Co-curricular activities of the students of the University. He will also advice and guidence to Associate or Assistant Deans of Students’ Welfare. He/she directs a programme of student counseling and assist in the placement of graduates of the University.  He/she arranges for the part time employment of students in accordance with a plan approved by the Vice-Chancellor and obtain travel facilities for holidays and study tours of students.  He/she always keeps in touch with the guardians of the students concerning the welfare of the students.  In additions  to above, he/she performs such other duties and functions as may be assigned to him by the Executive Council or the Vice-Chancellor from time to time. Detailed functions and duties are also available in Chapter XXXV and XXXVI of the Ordinances.

*1.  More Details are available under Statute 7(2) and Ordinance 27.3 & 27.4 of the H.P. University Statutes and Ordinances respectively.

**2. However, before making any reference, relevant v provision(s) of Act/Statutes/Ordinances may also be consulted.


Chess CornerYouth  programmes are regularly organized with pervasive good will and cheer to project existential urges of our students. These also promote competition in cultural fields. There are inter-university cultural activities which are organized and supported by this office. These attract highly talented and acclaimed participants besides appreciative audiences. This office also organize debates, symposia and quiz competitions on current issues in which students of all shades participate.  This office also coordinates with Department of Physical Education of the University and organizes youth programmes and other activities conducive to the promotion of health of our students. So as to encourage them to participate in such activities, sports and cultural scholarships are also awarded every year. besides this, students belonging to the poor families and those coming from backward areas are also given help. In order to give the much needed exposure to the students outside the campus, this office coordinates different cultural and academic tours for them in holidays and arranges travel concessions for them. In order to provide an avenue to the students to express their creative urges and opinions on various issues this office brings out periodically the University Magazine. Among its other valuable activities for the students is maintenance of a common room facility with indoor games for them where they can use their leisure. Besides this it maintains and supervises University Cafeteria to serve snacks and eatables at economical rates and under hygienic conditions.
This office being a student friendly agency in the University has the following tentative annual schedule of activities for their benefit as given below: 

Sr. No.



1. March/April Students Council Election, Printing of Magazine, Cultural Scholarships, Sports Scholarships
2. May/June Students Aid Fund, Inter Faculty Competitions, Issue of Identity Cards, Admission under Cultural Quota
3. June/July Prize Distribution Function, SCA Election
4. September/October H.P.U. Youth Festival
5. December Annual Report of DSW Office
Last Reviewed/Updated : 16 June, 2010