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The department was established in 1970 under the dynamic leadership of Padma Bhushan Professor P.L. Bhatnagar. He brought with him vast academic, research and administrative experience which he used to lay the firm foundations of the department. He started with a team consisting of Prof. S.N.Dube, Prof. Mihir B. Banerjee, Prof. R.C. Sharma, Prof K.S.Shirkot, Prof. S. K. Gupta and Prof. J.R. Gupta. This young and dynamic team over the years, working hard, brought name and fame to the university and established the department on the the national and international scene. Three teachers namely Prof S. N. Dube, Prof Mihir B. Banerjee and Prof R. C. Sharma have been conferred the Fellowship of the National Academy of Sciences Allahabad for the distinguished work which they carried out while working here. Professor Mihir B. Banerjee was awarded the prestigious Shanti Swaroop Bhatanagar Award in Mathematical Sciences in the year 1988 for his research work. Later on Professor B.B. Sharma, Dr. K.C. Sharma and Professor Kirti Prakash also joined the department as teachers and contributed significantly.
Programmes Available
  Name Duration Total Seats Fee (in. Rs.)
1 Master of Science (M.Sc.) 2 years course in 4 sems.
45 Subsidized + 5 Non-Subsidised Seats
2 Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) 1 year course in 2 sems. 15 seats  
3 Ph. D.  
Subject to availability
1. Master of Arts/Science (M.A./M. Sc.)
Bachelor's degree of a University established by law in India (with the subject of study for M.Sc. as one of the subjects) in 2nd Division or with at least 45% marks (40% in case of SC/ST candidates) or Honours in the subject concerned.
Basis of Admission

The admission to these courses will be made strictly on the basis of marks obtained in the Entrance Test and shall be open to all subject to the reservation approved by the University. The merit will be determined on the basis of competitive examination (written test and past academic record of the candidate). The Entrance Test shall be of 100 marks and 30 marks are for past academic record of the student. The Written Test shall be of multiple choice questions  (MCQ) in nature in each subject as per the B.Sc.I,II,III pass courses prescribed by the Himachal Pradesh University. There will be 100 questions of one mark each. The duration of the test will be 1-1/2 hours. The break-up of 30 marks for the past academic record will be as under:

  1. Matric or Equivalent Examination                      10% of the percentage of marks obtained by a candidate
  2. +2 or Equivalent Examination                           10% of the percentage of marks obtained by a candidate
  3. B.Sc./or any other equivalent examination         10% of the percentage of marks  obtained by a candidate.
The minimum qualifying marks for the Entrance Test will be 35% (in case of SC/ST candidates, the minimum qualifying marks shall be reduced until the full SC/ST quota for admission has been exhausted) for calling the candidates for Interview/Admission.
2. Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.)

M.Phil. is a full time regular course of study pursued by regular attendance in classes and seminars. A candidate seeking admission to the M.Phil course must have at least 55% marks (50% in case of SC/ST) in the subject concerned at Master's  level. The qualifying marks in the Entrance Test for admission to Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) shall be 50% (at per with Ph.D.). In case of SC/ST candidates, qualifying marks in the Entrance Test shall be 45%.

The duration of the M.Phil. Course, including the submission of dissertation shall be two semesters from the date of admission.  However, a maximum period of three months may be allowed to the candidate on the recommendations of the Supervisor for reasons to be recorded in writing for submission of dissertation by the Vice-Chancellor.

A candidate who has attended the prescribed courses of study for both the semesters but has not appeared in the examination or having appeared has failed, may be allowed to appear in the examination as a failed candidate.  However, such a candidate shall have to clear all the courses with only one more chance including dissertation within a maximum period of two years from the date of his/ her admission, failing which his/ her candidature shall stand automatically cancelled.  Such students who do not submit their dissertation during the prescribed period of M.Phil. Course i.e. one year shall have to pay requisite LATE FEE.  However, in case of ICDEOL students the period to clear the courses including submission of dissertation shall also remain two years from the date of admission but under special circumstances it can be extended upto 3 years by the Vice-Chancellor on the recommendation of the Director with a fine of requisite amount. Further, the hostel accommodation for M.Phil. candidates shall be allowed for one year only from the date of admission as a regular student.

M.Phil. examination shall consist of (a) Courses (b) Dissertation and Viva-Voce. The courses of study for M.Phil. shall be as prescribed by the Board of Studies in the subject concerned and approved by the appropriate bodies from time to time.
            The total marks for theory papers shall be 200 irrespective of the number of papers spread over two semesters. Where more than one options have been provided, the Departmental Council in the beginning of the semester will decide which options shall be allowed in a particular semester. Each candidate shall be required to give one seminar on the topic of the dissertation in the Department before submission. The seminar will be open to all the students and faculty members of the department concerned.
            The Departmental Council shall constitute a committee of three members, of which one shall be supervisor, to assess the quality of the seminar and grade it as outstanding, satisfactory or poor on the basis of art of presentation and understanding of the subject and replies  to the queries and that this shall be recorded on the marks card of the candidate. In case the gradation is poor, the candidates can repeat and improve the performance in seminar.
            There shall be 75 marks for evaluation of dissertation and 25 marks for viva-voce test based on the dissertation. A viva-voce test shall be conducted by the Board of Examiners consisting of the Chairman, Supervisor of the candidate and an  External Examiner. If the Chairman is the Supervisor of the candidate, he/ she shall nominate one faculty member from the department concerned as a member of the Board. The Board will judge the following aspects:-
            1          That the work has been actually done by the candidate.
            2          Candidate's understanding of the subject
            3          Candidate's presentation of the content of the dissertation
During the first semester, the Departmental Council shall allot a supervisor. The candid ate shall decide the topic of dissertation in  consultation with his/her supervisor which shall be finally approved by the Departmental Council including the supervisor within three months from the date of appointment of supervisor but not later than the end of first semester. The dissertation shall reflect his/her familiarity with the work already done on the subject and the candidate's in-depth understanding of the research problem and its potential for original contribution towards knowledge

3. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.)

Ph.D. is a full time regular course of study pursued by regular attendance in classes and seminars. A candidate seeking admission to the Ph. D. course must have at least 55% marks (50% in case of SC/ST) in the subject concerned at Master's  level. The qualifying marks in the Entrance Test for admission shall be 50%. In case of SC/ST candidates, qualifying marks in the Entrance Test are 45%

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Dr. Rajesh Sharma Professor & Chairman 771,2833771 82194-62766 rajesh_hpu_math_yahoo.com
Dr. R.P. Sharma Professor 767,2833767 94184-97090 rp_math_hpu@yahoo.com
Dr. (Mrs) Veena Sharma Professor 773,2833773 94593-68368 veena_math_hpu@yahoo.com
Dr. Joginder Singh Dhiman Professor 776,2833776 94181-10698 jsdhiman66@gmail.com
Dr. Khem Chand Professor 772,2833772 94180-09710 khemthakur99@gmail.com
Dr. P.L. Sharma Professor 769,2833769 94180-03066 plsharma1964@gmail.com, pl.sharma@hpuniv.ac.in
Dr. Jyoti Prakash Professor 766,2833766 94184-58026 jpsmaths67@gmail.com
Dr. Madhu Bala Dhadwal Assitant Professor 768,2833768 94180-40291 mpatial.math@gmal.com
Sh. Deepak Sharma Office Superintendent 770,2833770 94184-58419 deepakhpuces@gmail.com
Sh. Devi Ram Laboratory Attendant 770,2833770 94180-27934 -
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